Final Consultation Report

by Donna Spedding, SaveKSG Action Group Chairman

Richard Aylard, Thames Water's External Affairs and Sustainability Director is pictured adopting the Brownfield not Greenfield message (see badge - he also took one away for Phil Stride).  He seemed firmly on our side at tonight's Q&A session at City Hall - he agrees with our message, he said the team do not want the project to come to King's Stairs Gardens, they recognise it is a beautiful and important space and he said they are working very hard on a number of options that would avoid using the park for their works.  It is evident that the campaign, the solid political pressure and the support from various individuals and groups has been successful in illustrating to Thames Water how important King's Stairs Gardens is to the local community and beyond and that it is essential to find a better solution.  Belinda Redpath, who was also in attendance tonight, received our response package and petition from Phil Stride and they are working on registering every single person who signed the petition and their comments.  We will hold them to their commitments and actively follow up on the progress. 
Whilst we feel very encouraged that TW are working hard behind the scenes on other solutions, our precious park has not been saved yet. As such, we must keep up on fighting, sending in feedback, working closely with our politicians and spreading the word. We are looking at the possibility of organising an event in the park in the new year and hope to reschedule Prof David Bellamy's visit. We don't want this to go anywhere near Phase 2!!
Keep the petition sheets coming as we will be sending an update before the 14th January deadline.  The more formal responses to Thames Water the better so please spread the word that whilst it would be ideal if everybody could fill in Thames Water's questionnaire even a short e-mail with why KSG is not acceptable to will make a difference, or a freepost letter to -

Thames Tunnel Consultation
Thames Water Utilities
Freepost SCE9923
PO BOX 522
Following on from my e-mail yesterday on the children's visit to City Hall, there has been some wonderful feedback and the Save KSG Action Group will be sending a letter to the Headteacher, Mr Christopher Wilcocks to thank him and the teachers and congratulate the children.  They really were wonderful representatives of their school and the greater community and as I said yesterday, put a lot of effort in to help save their much-loved park and playground.