Political Support

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP:
"I was very impressed by the way local residents had got organised and came out in force to express very vocally their concerns and objections about the impact the planned Thames super-sewer construction work would have on their highly valued park, education centre and children's playground. It was very useful for Thames Water to gain from the local knowledge about how the church as well as the Bosco youth education centre and nursery neighbouring King's Stairs Gardens would be affected. At Druid Street, there are worries about the effect on a youth club and community centre as well as the kids' playground. Everyone agreed that the super-sewer is essential to clean up our river and prevent disgusting raw sewage overflows into the Thames. The challenge is now for Thames Water to find construction sites along the riverside that are the least disruptive to people's lives and well-being."

Valerie Shawcross, London Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark:
"Although I support the Thames Tunnel project in general I am extremely concerned about the specific proposals to site long term tunnelling works on green open land and in such close proximity to residential communities in Southwark. It's a very major infrastructure project and Thames Water needs to do more work to find some suitable options which won't have such an enormous and damaging impact on people's lives and our precious parks and playgrounds."

Councillor Peter John (Labour), leader of Southwark Council (public statement taken from Council website)
"When the consultation was announced on this issue I stated publicly that the council would vigorously opose the proposals to site Thames Tunnel shafts at Druid Street and King Stairs Gardens. This remains the case. We have very little metropolitan open land and play spaces in our borough and we will not allow them to be sacrificed ... there are alternative sites available to Thames Water for these works and we should do all that we can to persuade them to acquire alternative sites."
Councillor Anood Al-Samerai, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Southwark Council:
"Thames Water have said that their consultation is genuine. They must now listen to the voice of local residents and local councillors and find more suitable brownfield sites. My colleagues and I will do all that we can to work with our community and make sure that our green spaces and play areas are protected."
Councillor Lewis Robinson, Leader of the Conservative group on Southwark Council:
"I strongly support the work of the Save Kings Stairs Gardens campaign in calling for Thames Water to look for alternative sites for the Thames Tideway tunnel. The protection of green open spaces in the heart of London must always be paramount, and I would call on Thames Water and Council to work with the campaign group who have done some excellent work in identifying alternative sites."
Councillor Fiona Colley, Southwark Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Corporate Strategy (on Twitter):
"Fantastic turn out for the Save King's Stairs Gardens demo. Parks for people not construction works!"
Councillor Eliza Mann, Liberal Democrat, Southwark Council:
"This is an outrageous suggestion from Thames Water. Our kids' playgrounds are too precious to be bulldozed and the last thing local parents want is a 10 metre high sewage vent next to a children's playground when Thames Water eventually decides to finish the work. Thames Water must come up with better sites than these. Until they do Liberal Democrats will fight these plans with all our efforts."
Councillor Lisa Rajan, Southwark Council:
"King's Stairs Gardens is a wonderful well-used park and together with the Bosco Centre, Angel pub and the church, is a vital and valued asset to the Rotherhithe community. We will fight every step of the way to keep it, and strongly believe that Thames Water need to consider other more appropriate sites for their tunnel access. The park is hugely popular with local families, older people, dog walkers, cyclists, picnickers, students, sunbathers, tobogganers... and I've even seen snowboarders enjoying it (!) - it's not acceptable for Thames Water to bulldoze this beautiful riverside green space when other brownfield sites are available. Thames Water need to listen to the community and see sense. Save King's Stairs Gardens!"