The Plans

Thames Water want to strip out all the vegetation (including felling an avenue of mature trees) and bore a vertical shaft 100 feet wide and 250 feet deep (potentially bringing a risk of subsidence), as part of the proposals to construct a 30 mile 'super Sewer'.

The rest of the park would then be used for the storage and processing of enormous volumes of waste - dry-spoil that would be piled up pending removal, and foul-smelling slurry, which would be pumped into settlement tanks. There would also need to be an industrial jetty with a conveyor system to move processed waste from the site.

This work would continue for 7 years with a 45 foot high sewer ventilation shaft bringing a risk of horrible smells in the local area, as well as a 30 foot high 20-metre x 10-metre sewer building dominating what's left of the riverside park on completion, essentially converting this park to industrial use.

Thames Water's Plans

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