Have you signed online?

Let your friends, family and work colleagues know about the petition and get them to sign online as well.  The more people that sign, the bigger our voice.

Here is a template that you can adapt and email to everyone:

Thames Water want to dig a 30 meter wide hole in King's Stairs Gardens, a small park very close to where I live in Rotherhithe.  It is part of the Thames Tunnel which stretches west to east under London, and they are talking about 24x7 hour construction site for 7 years.

There are other brownfield sites that they can use in the area.  I just think that they are a big company that believe that they can take away public space.  It is cheaper and easier for them, and that probably means more profit for them at the end of the day.

We are getting organised into a pressure group to stop them digging up these well used public gardens.  You can see what a lovely park it is from these photos:

and you can see the size of the construction compared to the size of the park from their own documentation:

Could I ask you to sign this petition to object to them doing this.