KSG not the preferred site

Thames Water has announced that King's Stairs Gardens is no longer its preferred site for a tunnel worksite in Southwark!  It's great news that Thames Water has listened to the voices of the thousands of people who insist than greenfield sites such as our wonderful park should not be considered for these works.
Our hard work, research, campaigning, and above all, all the questionnaires, letters, emails and submissions that you and our many thousands of supporters have made over the past year, are beginning to pay off, and our heartfelt thanks go to all of you.
But we must remain vigilant! King's Stairs Gardens is still on the shortlist despite Thames Water assuring us that the park is not suitable as a main drive site and having other viable options available to it.  We will certainly be taking this up with them at the public meeting on Tuesday night.
We still have many questions to put to Phil Stride and his team at the public meeting on Tuesday 8th November at 8pm at the usual venue: St Peter & the Guardian Angels social club, off Paradise Street, SE16. We hope as many of you as possible can make it - the campaign to preserve King's Stairs Gardens still needs your support and steadfast participation in this next phase of the consultation.

Phase 2 documentation can be found here