Donna Honoured at Southwark Volunteer of the Year Awards

Last week Southwark Council honoured Donna Spedding, who chairs our campaign, as one of their nominees for Volunteer of the Year. This recognizes her contribution to the local community in leading the fight to save King's Stairs Gardens.
Southwark marked European Year of the Volunteer 2011 last week with an awards ceremony for those residents of the borough who have excelled over the past year as community champions and active citizens. Special recognition, in the form of nomination for 'Volunteer of the Year', was given to those whose achievements in the past 12 months have been considered 'exceptional'.
All of us who support the Save King's Stairs Gardens Action Group will agree that Donna's work on behalf of our campaign most definitely merits that description. From its beginning, Donna has been the driving force behind the campaign to save our wonderful riverside park and playground from Thames Water's bulldozers. The time and energy she has put into the campaign - despite having three young children to look after - has been extraordinary, and the success we've had so far - getting Thames Water to begin to take on board our key Brownfield NOT Greenfield message - owes so much to her efforts. She has been an inspiration to all of us.
But as we all know, King's Stairs Gardens is still Thames Water's preferred site and there's a lot of campaigning still to be done to save our park. So we congratulate Donna on this very well deserved recognition, But let's all continue to work, campaign and lobby as hard as we can until Thames Water finally agrees to take King's Stairs Gardens off their list of proposed worksites. There's a long way still to go, but with Donna in the lead we won't give up the fight!
Our thanks go to Gill Kelly of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Councils for nominating Donna for this award, and to Southwark Council for recognizing Donna's efforts and continuing their strong support for our campaign.